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1. Yamada Diaphragm Pump    

Since its beginning in 1905, Yamada® has been at the forefront in developing the most complete line of air operated double diaphragm pumps (AODD) in the world. Unmatched in quality, durability and availability, there's no question as to why more and more industries are coming to Yamada for their pumping needs. As an ISO 9001 certified company, our engineering intellect and manufacturing processes are second to none. Yamada remains dedicated to the continuous development of the most complete line of air operated diaphragm pumps available today. Our philosophy is quite simple. We offer the best product and support it with the best service. This is all backed by the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. We welcome the opportunity to earn your business.



2. Debem Diaphragm Pump    

The story of DEBEM Srl began in 1975. The founder Marco De Bernardi, thanks to extensive experience in the field combined with an unstoppable design inclination, decided to try his first independent work, a 1.5 hp plastic centrifugal pump . The prototype immediately welcomed the public, so as to convince him to launch on his own and create a line of pumps for industrial use .
The sectors beaten from the beginning were above all the chemical one, in all its variants, and the textile one, which at the time could be defined as the beating heart of the lake region. The demand for Debem pumps shot up; the reaction was prompt and determined, the investments necessary to strengthen a cutting-edge structure and mentality that would permeate the Company for all the years to come.


3. Asia Pump ( Magenetic Drive Pump )    

Founded in the early of 2017, Asia Pump (M) Sdn Bhd continues today as the leading distributor of Asia Pump’s products, which consist of a full range of wet process chemical pump and filters for Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Inside the Asia Pump Distributor company, our unwavering commitment to those core principles of our business; i.e. the sales and after sales service support excellence, as well as the integrity and fairness in the pricing were the ideal business ingredients which have never change.

From the humble beginning, we have expanded our business by keeping sufficient inventory in order to support our customers. We have also developed pump repair and testing facilities in our factory. Today we will continue our commitment to our customers through fair pricing, quality products, and outstanding after sales services.


4. Blagdon Diaphragm Pump     

Blagdon Air-Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps provide high performance, reliable solutions for your pumping needs. We specalise in extreme condition environments and applications...keeping your process moving both above and below ground.

Our AODD pumps have long been recognised as the "work horse" of the industry for handling difficult liquids at relatively low pressures and flows. The range of applications is virtually limitless!



5. Gemme Cotti European Chemical Pump


GemmeCotti has been producing chemical pumps for acids and dangerous liquids since 1992, when its founders, Enrico Gemme and Marino Cotti, started their own company after considerable experience on pump design and production.

 The company is characterized by the high quality of its pumps, which is guaranteed by the use of materials of Italian origin and by the constant care of qualified and always up-to-date personnel, who pays special attention to the customer’s needs and offers assistance during the whole purchasing process.

Our wide range of products includes magnetic drive centrifugal pumps, mag-drive turbine pumps, mag-drive vane pumps, vertical pumps, mechanical seal pumps and vacuum pumps, manufactured in thermoplastic materials (PP or PVDF) or metallic materials (AISI 316, Titanium, Hastelloy). All GemmeCotti pumps are in compliance with the Machinery Directive (CE/2006/42).


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